For many of us, our mums have been there through it all; from the very first time you wet yourself to the very first time you were throwing up cheap cocktails and dodgy kebabs. It’s thanks to her that you can now whip up a pretty impressive cheese sauce and you vaguely know how to turn the washing machine on.

They say mum knows best and for the most part I would probably agree, despite the many times she insisted on walking me to the school gates everyday until year 9 in case something awful happened to me on the 4 minute journey from my house. Or the uncountable amount of moments were she has come ridiculously close to sending out a search party/ calling the police when I’ve forgotten to reply to her text because I actually have a life.

Despite all of this she is the one person in my life I don’t think I could do without, she loves me unconditionally (or at least I think she does, I mean she still loved me even when I bought back my suitcase of mud infested clothes after my weekend at Glastonbury). So next time you take her for granted just think about how much she does for you and how truly amazing she is because I’m pretty sure no one else would put up with your dirty underwear all over the landing or your mould infested cups of coffee hidden by your bed.

In aid of Mother’s Day I asked a group of friends and a bunch of you on Twitter to share the best piece of advice your mum has ever given you Granted.


On Love

Megan, 23 – “My mum told me this when someone I loved cheated on me- the pain is hard, but at least you know it’s real because you can feel how much it hurts, you know you’re still alive and you are still living so don’t stop, feel the pain and just go with it, it’s how you become stronger, sassier and even more amazing”.

Emily-Alice, 20’s – “focusing on other people’s problems will help put your own into perspective, I always loved this bit of advice my mum gave me when I was feeling rubbish about being dumped and being made redundant in the same month. I don’t think she even realised it was advice when she said it, it was just a nice way of her telling me to get the hell on with it. She never let me feel sorry for myself, not when others had it so much worse than I did. I will always be thankful for that because it made me so much stronger”.

On Life

Laura, 24 – “I’ll never forget one of the last things my Nan ever said to me, she told me to always be good but then she said if you can’t be good, be safe, she had a wicked sense of humour and now I take that advice everywhere with me, it reminds me that life hasn’t always got to be so bloody serious.

Lyndsey, 22 – “My mum lives by the simplest of mottos: ‘a glass of prosecco a day keeps the doctor away’. But she also never told me how expensive prosecco can be! She always knows how to have a good time and her being the life and soul of the party just reminds me that you should never take yourself too seriously”.

On Choices

Lee, 23 – “You can make any choice you want, just as long as you are willing to accept the consequences that come with it, this has really impacted the way I think about even the smallest decisions in my life now. It’s also saved my arse a fair few times, although it often gets forgotten when alcohol is involved”.

Ryan, 25 – “Exfoliate so you don’t end up looking like your father”.

On Women

Louise, 21 – “My mum has always made me vote in every election possible ever since I was at the age that allowed me to. Even if I didn’t really know what I was voting for, she made me realise just how important it was to speak out and support those who fought to give women a voice. Now I’m proud of that voice and I’m proud to be a woman”.

Me, 21 – “You should support other women not tear each other down, being kind to those around you is so much more empowering and in a world where Donald Trump is somehow president we need all the solidarity we can get”. I loved these words of wisdom from my mum when I was having a bit of an argument with one of my friends, she made me realise we are better when we work together. There is nothing more powerful than a strong group of women”.

On Other People

Hannah, 24 – “Just remember that most people are idiots- of course, my mum thinks she is the exception. At the age of 24 I now realise just how right she was about that one, it also really helps to remember this when I’m driving to avoid the road rage”.

Matt, 25 – “‘Don’t ever listen to anyone’s bullshit apart from mine.’ Thankfully I paid attention, my mother can be a scary woman at times and not one I would ever want to cross haha”

I guess it’s worth remembering that our mums weren’t always mums, they were heartbroken young girls, undoubtedly got stupidly drunk on the weekends, kissed too many frogs and made far too many mistakes. They might make roast potatoes better than Aunt Bessy and they might make your bed far better than you could ever even imagine but they are only human; they make mistakes just like you. It’s just lucky for us that they are always there to pick up the pieces.

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