Beat the Blues: 7 Tips for Pretending it's Tuesday

By sophieblack | Monday 16th January, 2017

January is, quite possibly, the worst month of the year.

Exams + long dark days + the prospect of the Trump Presidency + attempting to stick to those impossible New Year’s resolutions = not the most upbeat month of the year. Now, just to make things even worse, pseudo-science has labelled Monday 16th January as Blue Monday. Statistically the saddest day of the year, according to a lot of not-very-convincing data and statistics on the matter, the supporting evidence was an equation created by Dr Cliff Arnall which claimed to measure happiness. Right okay…

Sounds like yet another attempt by our capitalist overlords (a.k.a Sky Travel) to persuade us to part with more money/book a holiday to exotic places/bemoan something which quite simply, doesn’t exist to me. So, as you attempt to drag yourself out of the post-Christmas, revision-fuelled nightmare that is most of January, here are some ideas to make Blue Monday (or any Monday to be honest) that little bit more bearable…

#1 Brave the great outdoors

Wrap up warm, find a break in the midst of the rain/wind/darkness/revision and go outside. I’m not saying go for a run (God forbid), or join some insane, early-morning boot camp – just get some fresh air and go for a walk. Go alone if you want some space, or go with friends if you’re looking for a distraction. Heading out for a walk will do you the world of good… even if it ends up being in the direction of the pub.

#2 Eat (preferably something really good)

“Let food be thy medicine” said Hippocrates. Look at how happy that chocolate cake made Bruce Bogtrotter in Matilda. It’s not a coincidence. Hippocrates was right. Whether it be taking advantage of Domino’s Winter Survival Deal, whipping up a new and exotic recipe, or just curling up with a steaming plate of your favourite dish, a good meal will never fail to make the world seem a better place.


#3 Smile

Frowning is so 2016. There are many things that suck about Mondays, but it’s definitely easier to pretend they don’t if you just crack a smile. Plus, you never know who might be watching.

#4 Grabs some friends

Spend some time with your friends even if you have to nag them into doing something. Talk to them, have a laugh, remember the better times (normally not the ones in January) or do something new with them. Do literally anything that makes you forget that it’s actually a Monday, and that it’s not just any Monday, it’s Blue Monday the shittest day of the year- remember?

#5 Treat yo’self

You deserve it. Turn the heating on. Climb into bed with fresh sheets (there is no better feeling in the world than clean sheets – you can quote me on that). Buy some chocolate. Have a lie-in. It’s the little things that count.

#6 Shake it

Put on some music and shake dat ass. Don’t be shy now, I’m talking a dance-like-no-one’s-watching sort of dance. Get your blood pumping and the endorphins flowing. Throw some wild shapes. Sing really loudly to your favourite song. Who needs a club when you have a living room? Going all out never fails to make me feel better (even if my flatmates make rude comments because they were, in fact, watching. Cheers guys).

#7 Acceptance is key

Blue Monday is, by definition, supposed to be blue. Embrace it. Grab some ice-cream, snuggle up under a duvet and put on a trashy film. Sometimes it’s the only way. You’ve got this. As the quote often goes, if Britney could survive 2007, you can survive Blue Monday…


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By sophieblack

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