Please Press Play




The 90’s- a decade famed for lipliner, Tamagotchi’s, dial-up and the trusty VHS. It was also the era of great television from Friends and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to the Teletubbies… don’t pretend you didn’t love it. But one of the greatest TV programmes EVER (aside from The Crystal Maze, oh and Gladiator) was the daytime classic, Supermarket Sweep. Contestants would sprint around a shop in their branded sweatshirts grabbing inflatable pineapples and bananas filling up their shopping trolleys. I don’t quite remember the rules, but that is the basic gist if you haven’t seen it (though, if you haven’t seen it you must have lived under a rock during the 90’s).



So in honour of presenter, Dale Winton’s beautifully orange face and because lets be honest, food shopping can be expensive, INK is giving away £50 to pay for your weekly shop. Every little helps, right? Like our post on Facebook or retweet it on Twitter, and we’ll pop the dollar in the winner’s Loot account.

Don’t have one yet? Then download it here. It’s free and also the easiest way of budgeting and putting money aside for that rainy day. So next time, when it’s your turn to buy the loo roll, it will be stress free. Be quick and remember, “next time you’re at the checkout and you hear the beep, think of all the fun you could be having with INK’s Supermarket Sweep” BEEP BEEP.