Gone are the days of school uniforms and blazers as university makes way for the perfect opportunity to show off your unique identity. But before you get too carried away it’s worth bearing in mind that not everything goes.

Take it from me, university has a dress code for every occasion and not one of them includes leggings or your high school hoodies from final year. The good news is, I made all the fashion mistakes so you don’t have to. If your wardrobe is full of uni fashion faux pas then perhaps it’s time to invest some of that last student loan instalment into shopping. I mean, why not?

And if you’ve just started uni this September, it’s going to be pretty damn tempting to bring the entire contents of your wardrobe with you for your days at Uni for that “just in case” situation. I’ve been there, done that and had to throw away the t-shirt. So to save you a tiny bit of time and a whole lot of space check out a few fashion mistakes from my past:

The Strangulation of Body-con

You say body-con, I say body-conscious. I mean they’re the kind of dresses that reveal your exact anatomical proportions and are pretty unforgiving around even the best of curves. Unfortunately, the fashion “trend” shows no signs of abating any time soon but that doesn’t mean you have to board the sinking ship.

What Even Are Harem Pants?

If you’re anything like me then you’re probably under the impression that harem pants are still in. Wrong! Apparently they were popular years ago and it was just a passing fad. I get that they’re flowy like a skirt but they also have legs like pants which doesn’t make any sense. At all. Ever.

Leave The Leavers Hoodie

The boundaries have all shifted and now it’s perfectly okay to wear your school/uni leaver’s hoodie donned with the institution’s logo. Just kidding! Similar to items one and two on this list it’s really not okay. I tried to argue that lots of people wear their high school apparel and a few did tend to agree with me. But then they went on to say that they weren’t sure why you would want to appear younger than you really are or for the need to put your school/uni credentials on display. Perhaps we can just keep the nostalgia alive in our own private bedrooms and agree to only sleep in said hoodie? University is all about compromise after all…

Leggings Are Not Pants. Repeat.

Chances are you knew this was going to make the list one way or another. Repeat after me – leggings are not pants. Therefore substituting leggings for pants should never, ever be done- no matter how attractive you think you look in them as that’s a very common trait of legging-wearers. I happen to like my calves and after spinning four times a week I’m just happy I have something to show for it. But alas, it’s not meant to be. And that includes tie-dye leggings, printed leggings, jean jeggings, velvet leggings and the ironically named classic leggings. A wise man once warned people to be careful of girls who wear leggings as both casual and formal wear; they are comfortable in ANY situation – including a murder investigation.

Don’t Sweat It

They say for every fashion trend and style there are at least 100 ways to go overboard. If you look into my wardrobe that sounds about right. The trick to avoiding this blunder is to make your casual look appear effortless and nowhere near as calculated as it really was. It might be okay to have your new pair of leather loafers make its campus debut and if you have an original Louis Vuitton PC bag then sure, wear it, you’ve earned it. Just leave the really flashy or statement-making pieces for nights out on the town. And stop wearing leggings.

So, if you’re considering revamping your look, replacing your leggings, or just treating yourself for being so bloody fabulous, then download Loot here. The app lets you budget and put a bit of money aside so you can look as great as your feel.